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ESC would like to invite you

to a weekend conference in Germany

The conference is for all ESC members and member organisations and for anybody else with interests in ESC and EHS.

Time: The last weekend of June (from 28-30) 2024

The conference area is a white zone in the middle of Germany. There will be nice housing facilities with single rooms, 2-bed rooms, 3/4-bed rooms with own bathroom or outside in the hallway.

You can also stay outside in the ground or in the nearby wood in your tent, or you can come in your mobile home. There will be special facilities for all outdoor guests as well.

Nice organic (bio) meals will be served 3 times a day and there will be free coffee and tea all through!

ESC is now in the process of getting interesting speakers who can cover a variety of subjects. Also there will be time for leisure and social talks (and walks) and meeting in the working groups where all are welcome.

Conference language will be mainly English, but also some in German and maybe in French.


As a special treat you are invited for a yoga class to get yourself all relaxed and breathing well.


Tick off your calendar – because you would really like to join.

More information will come soon about conference speakers, pricing and more.

Stay tuned!

Join the Silent Spring campaign

The largest extinction event since the disappearance of the dinosaurs is in full swing. Insects play a central role in this. Their decline is alarming. If the insects die, our ecosystem dies. The causes for the massive losses are diverse. We can still stop the extinction of insects!

Diagnose:funk from Germany launched the campaign "Silent Spring" March 19 with a focus on the decline of insects due to many different environmental pollutants – including EMF. Read more here

The campaign is based on the BEEFI study Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Insects: a Systematic Review and Metaanalysis, Reviews on Environmental Health; Autoren: Thill A, Cammaerts M-C, Balmori A., 2023 

What can you do?

  • ESC and diagnose:funk will organise a webinar in April to inform about ideas how to campaign in your own country. More info coming up very soon
  • ESC has established a working group that will support the campaign and work to spread it to as many countries in Europe as possible. If you want to join – please contact: Schriver.esc@protonmail.com
  • Here you can also follow news about the campaign


Kent Chamberlin's lecture

The first part of the recording of the European EHS Gathering (June 2023, Rièzes) is published for public on Friday 22nd March at 8 PM (European central time, GMT+1).

We promise a very captivating lecture, given by Prof. Em. Kent Chamberlin, Vice-President of the International Commission on the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (ICBE-EMF).

You will dive into the impact of electromagnetic radiation on health, the details of ICNIRP studies, conflicts of interest. Intro is given by David Gee, former Senior Advisor at the European Environment Agency.

See the Kent Chamberlin's lecture: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruzx385Q6Ik

Next five parts will be aired every Friday 8 PM (European central time, GMT+1).

You can look forward to the following speakers:

  • Maxence Layet (assistant of MEP Michele Rivasi)
  • Pernille on cellphone masts
  • Rob on ESC
  • Pernille again on Stop5G ECI


Those were all filmed at the 2023 EHS gathering.

Auction of the 3.5 GHz in The Netherlands

The working Group called White Zones is now active and has already had some meetings. The group is currently working for the following:  

  • Defining, identifying and protecting white zones. The objective of identifying, preserving and creating white zones is to protect the population already seriously affected, to raise public awareness of the harmfulness of EMFs, and to offer people the choice of protecting themselves from this environmental pollution.
  • Create a label (sticker) to be used in the whole of Europe defining the level of exposure to electromagnetic fields in each living environment (schools, maternity wards, healthcare facilities, tourist accommodation).

Read about it here

Smartphones transmit signal in airplane mode

iPhone even when switched off

An iPhone from model 11 onwards with iOs15 transmits a signal even in airplane mode, if the Find My Phone function is activated. This way it is exposing you and the environment toelectromagnetic radiation.

"Apple is proud that the 'Find My Network' feature is actually on and sending signals, even when you think your phone is off!"

The phone uses its battery to power the Bluetooth transmitter. This allows your iPhone to connect to other iPhones that have the Find My Network feature enabled. Together, all iPhones create a kind of "network" that can send and receive location information.

Source: February 2024 Newsletter of IEMFA (International EMF Alliance)
All their newsletters: https://www.iemfa.org/?s=newsletter



You can find the video on our channel:

"One Name" Project

You can participate in the worldwide "One Name" project to raise awareness of EMF-related illness and establish its existence in the public mind.

Across the world, millions of EMF-Disabled individuals are fighting for the rights and privileges they need and deserve. In the process of our efforts, 5 to 10 different terminologies are being used to name EMF-related illness.

Kent Chamberlin invites you to join this important project whose purpose is to agree to use only one name. Read more here.

In the Netherlands EHS officially is a disability now

Last year, the Dutch EHS foundation, Stichting EHS, has achieved a big success towards recognition of EHS as a disability.

After several discussions with various official bodies to explore the possibility of declaring the UN Convention on Disability applicable to people with EHS the message is clear: In the Netherlands EHS officially is a disability.

Read step by step recognition of EHS in the Netherlands here



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