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April 2024

EHS Conference 2024

EHS Summer Gathering

June 28 - 30, 2024
Kassel-Zierenberg, Germany
(White Zone Area)



You are invited to
our weekend conference in Germany!

ESC would like to continue the tradition started by our friends in Belgium of an EHS gathering in Europe. We have found a white zone* in the middle of Germany which you will surely like. The event is for all ESC members and member organisations and for anybody else with interests in ESC and EHS.

Come and have a good time with other nice people from all over Europe!

There will be comfortable housing facilities with single rooms, 2-bed rooms, 3/5-bed rooms with own or shared bathroom. You can also stay outside in the grounds or in the nearby wood in your tent, or you can come and stay in your motor home/caravan or your car. All outdoor guests will have access to bathroom facilities as well. Organic meals will be served 3 times a day and there will be coffee, tea all through! Conference language will be mainly English, but also German and French.

* There will be no Wifi or phones and the maximum measurements show 0 except for peaks from airport radar 8 km away in very few spots (3-25 microwatts/m2 peak every 6 seconds).

Get ready for

•    Exciting speakers with the latest insights
•    A newly released Scheidsteger film: "Digital Dilemma"
•    Interesting group work
•    Friendly talks and nice walks in the hilly landscape
•    Evening with dance and music
•    Exhibition of shielding materials and measuring devices

Detailed program soon to be released. Speakers: Erica Mallery-Blythe, Medical doctor, ICBE-EMF and founder of PHIRE - Christina Santini, functional medicine expert - Thomas Thrän, medical specialist on EHS - Alain Thill, review study on EMF and insects - Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam, specialist on EMF effects on trees. (And more – but not all confirmed)

Keep an eye on our ESC website and sign up for the conference here: https://esc.easysignup.com/ (soon to open)

Last year's ESC conference videos from Belgium are now up and running
Rob van der Boom - presenting ESC
Rob van der Boom presenting Europeans for Safe Connections
How can we contribute to a better world, which takes into account our electromagnetic wellbeing? The answer is hidden in the following maxim: Unity is strength! Discover the European umbrella organization, Europeans for Safe Connections (ESC), presented by its Chair Rob van der Boom.
Watch video
Pernille Schriver presenting 28 proposals to change the EU law
Pernille Schriver presenting 28 proposals to change the EU law
We all remember the Stop5G European Citizens’ Initiative. But does anyone know what happened at the end? Pernille explains the whole story, successes and drawbacks, up to the birth of Europeans for Safe Connections.
Watch video
Electro hypersensitivity - presentation of French-speaking associations
Electro hypersensitivity - presentation of French-speaking associations
This video provides an overview of the French-speaking associations present at the European Gathering of Electro hypersensitives last June, explaining their actions and geographical scope.
Watch video
Interview with Prof. Gertraud Teuchert-Noodt

What does brain research say about the digitalization of children and young people’s learning?

Prof. Gertraud Teuchert-Noodt was head of the Department of Neuroanatomy and Human Biology at Bielefeld University and researched the consequences of sensory overload, addiction mechanisms and the connection between movement, learning and the brain. She is one of the strongest critics of the digitalization of education due to her own research results. Why digitalization is having an irreversibly detrimental effect on the development of children’s brains, she explains to us in the interview. Read the interview here

Positive court ruling on EHS, France

The Zones Blanches association is delighted to have accompanied Philippe TRIBAUDEAU to this first court ruling on the recognition and protection by the State of electro hypersensitive people.
In February 2024, the judge of the judicial court recognized his electro hypersensitivity and the necessity to live in a white zone because of risks to his health. On April 9, 2024 in its judgment, the administrative court of Marseille rejected his request for DALO (Enforceable Right to Housing) in a white zone. He is planning to file his case with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Read more here


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