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5G small cells on lamp posts

EU countries to remove ‘tacit approval’ in GIA

The controversial ‘tacit approval principle’ meant to speed up the roll-out of new broadband networks has been deleted from a new compromise text on a telecoms law, circulated by the Spanish presidency of the EU Council on 8 November.


The Gigabit Infrastructure Act (GIA) is a legislative proposal to harmonise the administrative procedures and accelerate the deployment of mobile and fixed very-high-capacity networks like 5G and fibre cables.


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The International Declaration on the Human Rights of Children in the Digital Age

The Children need your Signature

An international group of leading health experts have announced their support for a new International Declaration intended to raise public awareness of three fundamental rights of children:

  • the right to be free from addictive platforms and apps
  • the right to be free from hazardous radiation from wireless devices
  • the right to be free from commercial exploitation of private information

Doctors, lawyers, scientific researchers and others are invited to join as Signatories to the Declaration. Please share in your community. Let's make a strong statement!


You can sign here


Full Declaration here



5G in your car?

All new passenger cars are equipped with eCall. This is the system that automatically makes a free 112 emergency call if your vehicle is involved in a serious road accident.


Currently, eCall works over 2G and 3G networks. Given that these networks are to be switched off in the years to come, new EU regulation, "Vehicle safety – updated standards for in-vehicle emergency call systems (eCall)", intends to update standards for the transition of eCall to 4G and 5G networks.


Europeans for Safe Connections posted a feedback to the EU where we demand:


1) For personal vehicles / private cars, this system must be voluntary and the manufacturer must offer a variant of the vehicle without installed wireless technologies. However, if the user opts for such an additional feature, the option should be provided for an additional shutdown / disassembly to cancel the exposure.


2) For all vehicles (private, public, trucks…), the driver and the passengers must be informed about the radiation.


3) The eCall system (IDS) must be located so that it is as far as possible from the interior of the vehicle to irradiate less.


Read more ESC feedbacks here



Green transition, dirty business: Europe’s struggle to tear loose from Chinese minerals

For political reason the EU wants to revive its mining industry to secure the lithium, nickel, copper and rare earth elements needed for a green future. Such mines do not necessarily produce a lot of harmful EMFs, but they are essential for EMF radiating equipment. Our former ECI warned about the dire impacts of mining.

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ESC General Assembly

21 members took part in the ESC General Assembly. The main subject was the working groups under ESC – what they do and what they have achieved.

Read the meeting report here


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