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... because the speed is increasing, hold tight

LG Electronics will unveil a transparent antenna for cars at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2024. Designed to be compatible with different types of glass and vehicle designs, the antenna will come as an on-glass or in-glass solution and offer support for 5G, Global Navigation Satellite System and Wi-Fi connectivity.
Read more in our world wide news (23 December 2023)

ESC has sent a detailed report as a Consultation Answer to the EU

The consultation answer from ESC explains the shortcomings and faulty conclusions in the Preliminary Opinion on potential health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) – Update with regard to frequencies between 1Hz and 100 kHz. Read it here

Withdrawal of another phone from the market

There is a new SAR exceedance notice for the EMPORIA smart 4 for the elderly, which was launched in 2021. Within a few weeks, the Austrian manufacturer was penalised twice in connection with the EMPORIA simplicity 4. There are now 46 models of cell phones identified as dangerous to the health of users. Read it here



Rap about microwave sickness

Hip hop rap about living with microwave sickness. Mai-Britt from Denmark has created this hip hop rap. You will find the lyrics under the video. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNoDxycqe8M



ESC Working Groups are Active

The working group Law and Politics prepared and submitted the consultation answer to the EU on potential health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields.
Read the whole answer here


The working group for Technical Solutions is presently gathering information about areas of radiation levels in Europe for the ESC website. At first it is concentrated on Holland and Belgium. Also the website will carry info about various kinds of technical solutions together with an evaluation of the product – as well as it is possible. Have a look here


New Science

Radio-tracking systems emit pulsed waves that could affect the health and alter the orientation of animals by wildlife biologist Alfonso Balmori (2024), published in the Journal for Nature Conservation, reviewed with the latest scientific evidence and called for a better understanding of non-thermal effects of RF tracking systems to improve conservation management practice.
Read it here

Effects of 700 and 3500 MHz 5G radiofrequency exposure on developing zebrafish embryos published in Science of the Total Environment by Monica Torres-Ruiz et al., (2024) found the exposure led to "specific organ morphological effects, and behavioral effects in activity, anxiety-like behavior, and habituation that lasted in larvae exposed during the early embryonic period."
Read more here

Genetic profiling of rat gliomas and cardiac schwannomas from life-time radiofrequency radiation exposure study using a targeted next-generation sequencing gene panel published in PLOS ONE by scientists of the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and Italian Ramazzini Institute found that the gliomas and cardiac schwannomas in rats resulting from lifetime exposure to low dose far field RF radiation (the Ramazzini study mimicking cell tower/base station exposures) are morphologically similar to low grade human gliomas and that about 25% of the mutations seen in these tumors have corresponding alterations in homologs of human cancer genes.
Read more here


Help to get EHS into the public's consciousness

You still can cast your vote for Remembering Nearfield to be awarded the SohoLIFF Audience Choice Award 2024. This film is a short animated film by Sean Carney about electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). To vote you have to create an account and buy a ticket HERE. The film will run in Block 2 of 3 Saturday, January the 27th. The film festival runs from 25 January to 12 February.
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Remembering Nearfield film


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