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Telco giants show it's tough selling 5G kit right now

Telecom giants Nokia and Ericsson both saw sales drop for the final quarter of 2023, blaming tough economic conditions for weak network operator spending. While Ericsson expects another tough year ahead, Nokia is banking on things picking up later this year.
(Let's enjoy for a short while.) Read more here

New Science

Seven case studies show that 5G is a health danger. During 2023 and January 2024, seven case studies have been published in scientific journals on the health effects of exposure to real 5G radiation from base stations. The studies, which appear to be the first in the world to study the health impacts of real 5G exposure, all show that 5G is harmful to human health. 5G causes significantly higher radiation exposure compared to previous generations of mobile phone technology. Read more here

Extremely low frequency magnetic fields emitted by cell phones. A 2023 Slovakian study found that mobile phones expose significant parts of the human head and other parts of the body to extremely low frequency magnetic fields (ELF MF). The measured and simulated ELF MF values were comparable to those reported to induce biological and health effects, including those related to carcinogenesis. Read more here

Electromagnetic fields and miscarriage. Are you pregnant or planning for pregnancy? Then here’s a good reason to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). In a study published late last year, researchers found that pregnant women who were exposed to high levels of EMFs had a higher-than-normal risk of miscarriage. The authors reviewed previous studies that were conducted on miscarriage and exposure to mobile phones and magnetic fields of the sorts emitted by power lines and wiring. Read more here


Request to the United Nations Environment Programme:

Address Wildlife Exposure to Wireless and EMFs



We write to request that the United Nations Environment Programme address wireless radio frequency (RF) radiation and other types of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMFs) considered a new form of environmental pollution. Ambient levels of EMFs are rapidly increasing due to the proliferation of wireless networks and new communication technologies in the modern world. More info and sign here

A new ESC Working Group

The working Group called White Zones is now active and has already had some meetings. The group is currently working for the following:  

  • Defining, identifying and protecting white zones. The objective of identifying, preserving and creating white zones is to protect the population already seriously affected, to raise public awareness of the harmfulness of EMFs, and to offer people the choice of protecting themselves from this environmental pollution.

  • Create a label (sticker) to be used in the whole of Europe defining the level of exposure to electromagnetic fields in each living environment (schools, maternity wards, healthcare facilities, tourist accommodation).

Read about it here

Conferences in Europe

Prepare yourselves – EHS is planning a big conference

Preliminary info:

  • Reserve the last weekend in June
  • Area: White Zone in Germany near Kassel
  • Scientists and experts are being contacted – stay tuned for more info


Big conference in Switzerland on March 8 2024

important speakers also online

German and French



More info here in German and French


Conference in Poland on May 4 2024

The International Conference on Digital Threats will take place in Kraków, Poland. “Uwaga! Smartfon” is a unique Europe-wide event on topical and important issues such as cyber addiction, the digitalisation of education or the issue of policies on the use of screen devices by students at school.
Read more here (Polish)



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