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Fantastic opportunity for a personal white zone

In the south-east of France, a large White Zone complex named Durbon les Cros will soon be sold at auction.The French organization EHS FRANCE is leading the international project to acquire part of a 50 hectare site for the purchase of living spaces for EHS-MCS. There is no mobile phone network and the buildings are protected against satellite radiation. This project has a chance of success if enough investors come forward. Please contact

More info and Video here

Édition Spéciale Projet Zone Blanche Durbon La Chartreuse

News from France that can influence all of us

Breaking: The French government agency ANSES has announced that its experts would soon begin work on a major review of radiofrequency exposure limits. This work can create a breakthrough and perhaps even pave the way for new EMF limits.

Press release with more details

The review follows the publication on 11 September of an initial opinion assessing the limit values currently applicable in France, based on the work of a body that is regularly and widely criticised by international scientists for its unscientific methods and potential conflicts of interest.

Major Win for PhoneGate Alert

During our European Citizens' Initiative ESC cooperated with Dr. Marc Arazi, Phonegate Alert. We wrote 13 letters to European national telecom regulators. We asked if they had any test on specific absorption rate (SAR) of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, tablets and connected objects on bodies carried out. France in particular appears to play a strong controlling role regarding the safety of models entering the market.

In June 2023, based on our findings, we sent a letter to more than 700 MEPs and 30 consumer protection authorities calling for the withdrawal of non-compliant wireless devices from the EU market.

Now the harvest is being reaped.

  • Our position that non-conforming equipment cannot be placed on the market has been confirmed by European Commissioner Thierry Bretton.

  • The National Frequency Agency (ANFR) announced that Apple’s popular iPhone 12 5G (model A2403) exceeds the legal limit of the specific absorption rate (SAR) by nearly 40%.

  • ANFR gave APPLE 15 days to perform a software update, which will lead to a still high, but a diminished exposure on individual level in France.

  • PhoneGate Alert is asking for more. They are calling for fair compensation for the damage suffered by the many millions of iPhone 12 users in Europe.

  • A big win is also a more common awareness about the potential danger of radiation.

Opinion calls for better pollinator protection!

The Opinion from the European Economic and Social Committee asks for a new deal concerning pollinators.

In their Opinion they say: "The Committee calls for an EU study aimed at providing accurate data on the impact of electromagnetic radiation emitted by telecommunication antennas on wild pollinators in their natural habitats and on the necessary policy measures to ensure effective pollinator protection." (1.8)

Farewell to a great man!

After Paul Brodeur died in August, he was praised by the Washington Post and others for his investigative reporting on asbestos. His work on microwaves and power lines, on the other hand, was sharply criticized: He was accused of being alarmist and conspiratorial.

"I have written a personal tribute to Brodeur in the hope of setting the record straight. It’s a long read. If you stick with it, you’ll see that Brodeur got the facts right. Electromagnetic radiation can do more than simple heating. This has been known —but denied— for decades. As for links to cancer, they have grown stronger over the years. And yes, he was a right about a cover-up. It continues today." Read about it here.


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