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ESC is an alliance of European organisations that strives to reduce the
impact of modern communications and electricity use on health and the environment. We are not against technology, but we are pro safe technology and safe connections.

    News from ESC

    10 May 2024
    We present to you the aftermovie from the Second European EHS 2023 Gathering. See the tremendous energy emanating from the electrohypersensitive gathering in June 2023! Ma Vie en Mode Avion would like to invite you to meet us again at the ESC conference in Germany on 28-30 June this year.
    4 May 2024
    We’re so excited to announce line-up of speakers for ESC Conference 2024! Amazing experts will be sharing their insights on really interesting topics in the areas of health, nature and politics related to EHS and EMF. The list of participants may still change, but you can already see the details here.
    3 May 2024
    You are invited to our conference in Germany on 28-30 June 2024. The ESC continues the tradition of EHS meetings in Europe. You will enjoy the white zone in the heart of Germany. The event is for all ESC members, member organisations and everyone interested in the ESC and EHS. We look forward to seeing you there!
    26 April 2024
    We present to you the sixth part of the recording of the Second European EHS 2023 Gathering. Pernille Schriver shares inspiring stories around the EU about avoiding mast installation.
    20 April 2024
    We present you the fifth part of the recording of the Second European EHS 2023 Gathering. Pernille Schriver, Campaign Coordinator of Stop5G ECI, explains the whole story, the successes and drawbacks, until the birth of Europeans for Safe Connections.
    12 April 2024
    We present to you the fourth part of the recording of the Second European EHS 2023 Gathering. This video provides an overview of the French-speaking associations dealing with EHS, namely Association Zone Blanche, Robin des Toits, PRIARTEM, AREHS, Coeurs d’EHS, CNAFAL, ACCADD, POEM26, AEPOH.
    5 April 2024
    We present to you the third part of the recording of the Second European EHS 2023 Gathering. Discover the european umbrella organization, Europeans for Safe Connections (ESC), presented by it’s Chair Rob van der Boom.
    29 March 2024
    We present to you the second part of the recording of the Second European EHS 2023 Gathering. What is happening in the European Parliament regarding 5G and 6G and connectivity in a broader sense? What were the 2023 actions of Michèle Rivasi and her parliamentary assistant Maxence Layet?
    22 March 2024
    We present to you the first part of the European EHS Gathering 2023 is shared publicly. Dive into the impact of electromagnetic fields radiation on health, the details of ICNIRP studies, conflicts of interest… a captivating conference, given by Prof. Em. Kent Chamberlin, Vice-President of ICBE-EMF. Intro: David Gee, former EE…
    1 January 2024
    The ESC explains the shortcomings and faulty conclusions in the Preliminary Opinion on potential health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) – Update with regard to frequencies between 1Hz and 100 kHz.
    30 November 2023
    We are sorry to hear that Michèle Rivasi is no longer with us. She died suddenly at the age of 70 due to a heart attack on 29 of November. She has been a French Member of the EU Parliament in the Greens/European Free Alliance since 2009 and has been known for supporting many causes to protect public health and the environment.
    11 November 2023
    SAR limits of mobile phones are supposed to protect consumers’ health. But what is the value of SAR limits if exceedances of the limits are not made known to the public right away?
    22 August 2023
    This Global Education Monitoring Report has been prepared by an independent team hosted by UNESCO. It was released in 2023. The report is designed to give an overview of how the countries are doing with regard to implementing the UN Sustainability Development Goals.
    6 July 2023
    We are very pleased to announce that Europeans for Safe Connections is now officially registered as VZW (Association without profit objective) in Belgium. We have already opened the door to the European Parliament by being at the centre of a workshop held on Feb. 7, 2023, organised by EU politician Michèle Rivasi.
    2 July 2023
    Members of the ESC were invited to a White Zone conference in the south of Belgium on Saturday 17 June. Hosted by David and Guy from Mavieenmodeavion and Un lieu de vie pour EHS ASBL. We report on this very interesting event.
    16 February 2023
    A major event was the visit of the newly established NGO Europeans for Safe Connections to the European Parliament on Tuesday 7 February. ESC took part in a workshop organised by MEPs Michele Rivasi, Anne-Sophie Pelletier and Ivan Sincic, together with citizens from all over Europe who had made the long journey to Brussels.
    5 December 2022
    Europeans for Safe Connections welcome the initiative of northern countries to write a Nordic Appeal. We advise as many countries as possible to send this appeal to their local authorities. We added questions so that authorities are obliged to answer. We will publish their answers on our webpage.
    3 November 2022
    Europeans for Safe Connections welcomes this new scientific authority on the RF EMF field. The industry independent ICBE-EMF is dedicated to ensuring that humans and other species are adequately protected from the harmful biological effects of electromagnetic fields.
    15 August 2022
    This is a warning for municipalities and private property owners. The Münster Regional Court has confirmed that not only the operator of the mobile radio system, but also the landowner is liable for EMF- related damage caused by the operation of mobile transmitters.
    21 July 2022
    Europeans for Safe Connections draws attention to the recently published research by Nordhagen and Flydal. It finds that the latest by ICNIRP recommended limits to protect against radiation from wireless communication do not meet the basic requirements of scientific quality.
    16 June 2022
    Since a few decades a certain part of the human population has been living on the edge of society. All over the world these people have mentioned the same cause. They hide in their homes and summer cottages, in the countryside, in caravans in the woods and some even flee abroad. But they are there and their numbers are growing.
    22 February 2022
    Citizens united to change EU rules on 5G. Citizens’ concerns range from huge energy consumption to data theft and cancer – all linked to the roll-out of 5G and the ‘Internet of Things’, without the consent of citizens. That’s why our European Citizens’ Initiative is being launched on 1 March in all 27 EU countries.
    10 January 2022
    The Aarhus Regulation, regulating access to justice in environmental matters, has been updated tomake it even easier to “strengthen the capacity of European civil society and the general public to scrutinise decisions affecting the environment”. Will this pave the way for better environmental regulation of mobile communications?
    11 October 2021
    The European Commission decided to admit our European Citizen’s Initiative Stop (((5G))) – Stay connected but protected and registered it on 7 October 2021. This initiative will give a voice to the millions of European citizens that are worried about the seemingly unstoppable deployment of 5G and all its unwanted effects.
    20 September 2021
    This August a new European Citizen’s Initiative was submitted at the European Commission by Europeans for Safe Connections. They took the initiative to request the EU Commission to make better legislation to protect the environment, privacy or health from the adverse effects of wireless communications such as 5G and IoT.
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