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ESC is an alliance of European organisations that strives to reduce the
impact of modern communications and electricity use on health and the environment. We are not against technology, but we are pro safe technology and safe connections.


    Invitation to ESC Conference 2024

    EHS Summer Gathering

    June 28 – 30, 2024
    Kassel-Zierenberg, Germany
    (White zone area with grey dots*)

    (Translate with deepL as needed)

    You are invited to
    our weekend conference in Germany!

    ESC would like to continue the tradition started by our friends in Belgium of an EHS gathering in Europe. We have found a white zone* in the middle of Germany which you will surely like. The event is for all ESC members and member organisations and for anybody else with interests in ESC and EHS.

    Come and have a good time with other nice people from all over Europe!

    There will be comfortable housing facilities with single rooms, 2-bed rooms, 3/5-bed rooms with own or shared bathroom. You can also stay outside in the grounds or in the nearby wood in your tent, or you can come and stay in your motor home/caravan or your car.

    All outdoor guests will have access to bathroom facilities as well. Healthy organic (bio) meals will be served 3 times a day and there will be coffee, tea all through!

    Conference language will be mainly English, but also German and French.

    Get ready for

    • Exciting speakers with the latest insights
    • A newly released Klaus Scheidsteger film
    • Interesting group work
    • Friendly talks and walks in the hilly landscape
    • Evening with dance and music
    • Yoga class
    • Exhibition of shielding materials and measuring devices

    EHS gathering June 2023

    Conference Topics

    Health – Nature – Politics
    (Full program will be released soon, but may be subject to change)

    We are proud to present to you the following speakers

    (Presentation of each speaker can be found here)

    Detailed programme will be available at the conference in print
    (subject to change)

    English extra





    Christina Santini
    How to protect ourselves from EMFs

    Jörn Gutbier
    Die Palette der wissenschaftlich nachgewiesenen Risiken der Mobilfunktechnologie


    Break – Pause


    Cornelia Waldman-Selsam
    Tree Damage Caused by Radiofrequency Radiation

    Alain Thill
    Die biologischen Auswirkungen von elektromagnetischen Feldern (EMF) auf Insekten

    Dominique Belpomme?
    Reste à confirmer


    Online: Wilhelm Mosgöller
    Non-thermal biological effects of radiofrequent electromagnetic fields

    Thomas Thraen

    Film de Klaus Scheidsteger Le dilemme digital


    Break – Pause


    Alain Thill
    The biological effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on insects (the Beefi study)

    Klaus Scheidsteger Film

    “Das digitale Dilemma”

    Christina Santini
    Seminar: Q&A


    Online: Matthias von Herrmann
    Questions about BEEFI study

    Thomas Thraen

    Alain Thill
    Les effets biologiques des champs électromagnétiques (“EMF” ) sur les insectes


    Break – Pause


    Working Groups:
    Law and Politics

    Working Groups:

    Groupe de travail
    Solutions techniques



    Group Picture




    Chantal and John from NL
    Dance and music

    Film by Klaus Scheidsteger
    “The Digital Dilemma”





    Online: Erica Mallery-Blyth
    Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), Current insights from the field

    Cornelia Waldman-Selsam
    Baumschäden durch hochfrequente Strahlung

    Groupe de travail: Zone blanche

    Petra Bertova
    Seminar: Politics


    Michaele Kundermann
    How do we get through the EU bulwark regarding wireless radiation


    Working Group

    Working Group
    Children (ENG)

    Working Group
    Technical Solutions (ENG)

    Working Group
    Smart meters




    Free microphone
    – Judith Rommel: EHS Platform


    Thank you and good bye!

    Vielen Dank und auf Wiedersehen!

    Merci et au revoir!

    Want to get a feel of the atmosphere?

    Have a look here at the aftermovie of June 2023 EHS gathering in Belgium.

    Aftermovie from the Second European EHS 2023

    Accommodation and food

    This quiet place in Germany makes for a very pleasant stay. It is in the country side on a hill far away from any big city. We have measured the radiation levels and you can see the report here.

    We offer all price levels. You can make it really cheap, if you choose to sleep in your car or a tent. You can also choose to treat yourself with a more expensive stay with a single room with own bathroom and full catering. And there are lots of choices in between. We are sure there will be something just right for you.

    Prices for the whole weekend:

    Weekend conference fee : € 70

    Accommodation range : € 31 – 110

    Meals/tea/coffee range : € 110 – 120

    Friday: dinner,
    Saturday: breakfast, lunch, dinner
    Sunday: breakfast, lunch

    You have to book a place and food for the whole weekend, unless you come as a day guest. If you get a sold-out message then contact us. We may have more rooms available.

    Note for day guests: Day guests only pay a conference fee including a little for tea/coffee (€ 60 Saturday/40 Sunday), but won’t be able to have accommodation or meals. They may bring their own food or use the public café (soup, sausages and cake).

    Payment method: Bank transfer, Visa Card, MasterCard.
    Registration is valid when you have paid.

    Do you need to get in touch with us?

    For questions, comments, special food issues, please contact:
    English: , phone 0045 23 48 01 78
    German: , phone 0049 5652 5018 974

    We look forward to seeing you!

    Now go to the registration page where you will see all your choices:

    * There will be no wifi or phones and the maximum measurements show 0 except for peaks from airport radar 8 km away in very few spots (3-25 microwatts/m2 peak every 6 seconds). Low frequencies have also been measured and there are none. Full report here.

    Electro hypersensitivity often goes hand in hand with multi-chemical sensitivity; we will therefore ask you to avoid all types of perfumes and scents.


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