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ESC is an alliance of European organisations that strives to reduce the impact of modern communications and electricity use on health and the environment. We are not against technology, but we are pro safe technology and safe connections.

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9 December 2023

Sweden: Elementary schools will be completely mobile-free

“This is a step forward in an important cultural change,” says Liberal Party leader Johan Pehrson. The government wants this to be the norm in all Swedish schools.
9 December 2023

Soho London Independent Film Festival

Remembering Nearfield is an award-winning animated film about Electrohypersensitivity (EHS). Winning the SohoLIFF Audience Choice Award 2024 will put the film poster on view all around London.
5 December 2023

Spain is cracking down on mobile phone use in schools🔗

Spain is trying to limit the use of mobile phones in schools, introducing complete bans or strict regulation of the devices, which many teachers and parents say are unnecessary. It aims to support the wider work the government is doing to raise standards in schools by increasing students’ focus and reducing distractions.
25 November 2023

Lithuanian school bans mobile phones amid drive to make students pay attention 🔗

A school in the northern Lithuanian county of Akmenė has become the first school to ban pupils from using the telephone during school hours. However, Lithuania does not yet have a nation-wide policy on mobile phones in schools, although discussions have taken place in parliament and in the education sector.
19 November 2023

Experts Raise Public Health Fears About Microwave Syndrome From 5G Masts🔗

The Government would have us believe that “there may be a small increase in overall exposure to radio waves when 5G is added to an existing network or in a new area” but that “there should be no consequences for public health”. Is this actually the case? On what evidence has this statement been made?
18 November 2023

Finland Moves Against Cell Phones in Schools🔗

The Finnish Citizens’ Initiative The parents of Finland have collected 30 000 signatures in 2023 in favour of banning mobile phones in schools. Additionally, the newly elected conservative government is taking them seriously and has pledged to enact laws to satisfy the request.
11 November 2023

EU countries to remove ‘tacit approval’ in GIA law🔗

The controversial ‘tacit approval principle’ (to speed up the roll-out of new broadband networks) has been deleted from a new compromise text on a telecoms law, circulated by the Spanish presidency of the EU Council on 8 November.
8 November 2023

Smart meters: The European Court rejected the Norwegian complaint🔗

The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in Strasbourg, France, recently rejected the application from eight Norwegian electro-hypersensitive persons, delivered before the Court in July 2023.
rush for minerals
4 November 2023

Green transition, dirty business: Europe’s struggle to tear loose from Chinese minerals🔗

For political reason the EU wants to revive its mining industry to secure the lithium, nickel, copper and rare earth elements needed for a green future. Such mines do not necessarily produce a lot of harmful EMFs, but they are essential for EMF radiating equipment. Our former ECI warned about the dire impacts of mining.
9 October 2023

Mobile phone use to be banned in schools in England 🔗

The British Department for Education has announced that, in order to combat disruptive behaviour and cyberbullying, and to increase attentiveness during lessons, schools across England should ban the use of mobile phones for the entire school day, including breaks.
8 October 2023

The French Health Agency is to review exposure limit values

At yesterday’s 5 October meeting of the National Frequency Dialogue Committee, ANSES announced that its experts would begin work next week on a major review of radiofrequency exposure limits.
22 September 2023

White Zone project in France

In the south-east of France, a large White Zone complex named Durbon les Cros will soon be sold at auction.
13 September 2023

iPhone 12 banned from sale in France🔗

Major blow for Apple! As of today, the iPhone 12 is banned from sale in France for exceeding SAR limits. And perhaps soon throughout Europe. Another major victory for our NGO. There are now 43 cell phone models identified as dangerous to users’ health.
6 September 2023

Phonegate Alert Ready to Take Legal Action against ANFR’s Failings🔗

French National Agency for Frequencies (ANFR) apparently failed to inform the EU about 42 cell phone models exceeding Specific Absorption Rate threshold. PhoneGate, our partner, has repeatedly contacted the agency for a response, but to no avail. Phonegate is ready to take legal action once again to seek liability of ANFR.
AMS: Klagen til EMD er sendt.
22 August 2023

AMS: The complaint to the European Court of Human Rights has been sent. – A milestone has been reached!🔗

The Norwegian law firm Schjødt AS today submitted a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg on behalf of eight people living in Norway. The case concerns the compulsory introduction of new electricity meters (smart meters) that are causing many people health problems.
21 August 2023

France to Allow Police Spy Through Phones 🔗

French lawmakers agreed to a bill that will grant the police the power to spy on suspects by remotely activating the camera, microphone, and GPS of their phones and other devices.
17 August 2023

Swedish expert group on radiation risks is biased🔗

Since 2002, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) has engaged experts on health effects from RF radiation and electromagnetic fields with conflicts of interests. Most of them are part of a cartel of experts who receives research funding from the telecom companies.
4 August 2023

„Smartphone für 9-Jährige definitiv zu früh“: Verband der Kinder- und Jugendärzte warnt vor zu viel Internetkonsum🔗

Kinderärzte in Deutschland blicken mit Sorge auf den Internetkonsum junger Menschen. Der Präsident des Berufsverbandes der Kinder- und Jugendärzte, Fischbach, rief Eltern dazu auf, Heranwachsenden klare Grenzen zu setzen.
22 July 2023

Unesco will Smartphones aus Schulen verbannen🔗

Die Unesco sieht die Bildung an Schulen durch Smartphones gefährdet. Die Mobiltelefone hätten deshalb im Unterricht nichts verloren.
17 July 2023

GIA – Latest Draconian Law Proposal from the EU about 5G

Its full name is the Gigabit Infrastructure Act. The EU strategy is now to harmonize and make connectivity easy and smooth. All should be able to enjoy their “digital rights” meaning the “right” to be online 24/7.
5 July 2023

Die Niederlande wollen Handys aus der Klasse verbannen 🔗

Sollen Schulkinder ihre Handys in die Klasse mitnehmen dürfen oder nicht? In den Niederlanden stellt sich diese Frage nicht mehr: Ab kommendem Jahr gibt es dort wahrscheinlich ein Handyverbot.
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