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ESC is an alliance of European organisations that strives to reduce the impact of modern communications and electricity use on health and the environment. We are not against technology, but we are pro safe technology and safe connections.


New study: Biological effects of electromagnetic fields on insects🔗

Worldwide, insects are declining at an alarming rate. Among other causes, the use of pesticides and modern agricultural practices play a major role in this. Existing research indicates another factor also: the increasingly frequent use of electromagnetic fields (EMF) from man-made technologies.

Critical Review of SCHEER Opinion

The very productive Swedish/Danish team has produced an updated version of their Critical Review of SCHEER Opinion.

Critical comment on the Gigabit Infrastructure Act (GIA) for the deployment of 5G millimeter wave technology🔗

In their letter, Rainer Nyberg and Lennart Hardell illustrate how the GIA proposal violates several EU laws and puts human health and the environment at risk by deploying 5G across the board, including millimetre waves, without safety tests and a proper impact assessment.

Critical comment on the SCHEER final opinion that recommends that EU adopts ICNIRP 2020 guidelines🔗

The letter by Rainer Nyberg and Lennart Hardell explains why SCHEER’s position is indeed a minority opinion and highlights the need for a complete reassessment of the present health safety standards by independent scientists without conflicts of interest.

Weak Radiofrequency Field Effects on Chemical ParametersThat Characterize Oxidative Stress in Human Fibrosarcoma and Fibroblast Cells🔗

Experimental data in this show that RF fields between 3 and 5 MHz were able to change the modulation of mitochondrial signaling by changing the cell growth, mitochondrial mass, and oxidative stress. Exposure to RF fields at 4.2 MHz significantly increased the mitochondrial mass and oxidative stress in fibrosarcoma cells.

5G Radiofrequency radiation caused the microwave syndrome in a family living close to the base stations 🔗

Fourt case study on health impact from 5G real exposure by Mona Nilsson and Dr Lennart Hardell. Two 5G base stations at distances of 50 and 70 metres caused very high levels of radio frequency radiation in the apartment where the persons in this study live. The family members experienced various health symptoms that were incl…

New science review of EMF limits by James C. Lin🔗

The review from James C. Lin concludes that many of the recommended limits are debatable and require more scientific justification from the standpoint of safety and public health protection. It also mentioned that the institutional guidelines do not sufficiently reflect the conclusions of science organisations such as IARC.

The European Union assessments of radiofrequency radiation health risks – another hard nut to crack (Review)🔗

In 2017 an article was published on the lack of WHO willingness to acknowledge health effects from use of wireless phones. It was stated that WHO is a hard nut to crack. This statement now seems to be true for the EU, that is following in the blind man’s footsteps created by the WHO.

5G may reduce bone strength🔗

A new study shows that exposure to 3.5 GHz used in 5G reduces bone strength and flexibility in animal experiments, even though the exposure was well below the ICNIRP limits that are claimed to protect against all health risks.

The EU Commission selected biased experts for radiation report🔗

Serious criticism has emerged from an in-depth review of the European Commission’s latest expert report on the health risks of the radiation emitted by wireless technologies. The EU experts are biased and the report seems to be predetermined to dismiss health risks and give the go-ahead to adopt the new ICNIRP limits from 2020.

5G base station at 60 meter’s distance caused very high microwave exposure and the microwave syndrome in a 52 year old woman🔗

A third case study on the health effects of real-life 5G exposure by Dr. Lennart Hardell and Mona Nilsson. It confirms their previous publications on microwave syndrome caused by radiofrequency emissions from 5G base stations.

Wireless technologies, non-ionizing electromagnetic fields and children: Identifying and reducing health risks🔗

Modern telecommunications have been embraced for their innumerable benefits to society, but we have been slower to acknowledge the need to avoid and reduce harms to youngsters or to the natural world on which our lives depend.
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