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    Have your say – Safety Gate Portal

    You can also get involved in forming EU laws. The European Commission offers a platform “Have your say” with the list of all new EU initiatives open for public consultation. You need to register to write your feedback:

    Product safety – ways for consumers and others to report potentially dangerous products

    About this initiative: This initiative concerns the Safety Gate Portal, set up to inform the public about dangerous products. Under the recently adopted Regulation (EU) 2023/988 on general product safety, the Safety Gate must also enable consumers and other interested parties to inform the Commission about products that might present a risk to their health and safety.

    Feedback period: for stage 4 it is 02 February 2024 – 01 March 2024


    Feedback from Europeans for Safe Connections

    We, “Europeans for Safe Connections“, appreciate the opportunity to contribute suggestions for improving the Safety Gate portal. We welcome that the European Union empowers consumers, as residents of Member States, to directly report any non-compliant products or items posing a risk to public health within their respective countries.

    Our experience so far is that there are only problems with reporting these findings.

    E.g.: Europeans for Safe Connections and Phonegate Alert Team diligently brought the matter of 42 non-compliant phones to the attention of regulators across twelve European countries, urging them to register evidence such as measurement reports and specifications for each phone type. We have received various types of responses from non-French regulators, but ultimately there has been no registration of non-compliant products.

    Our gratitude belongs to Ms. Mazurek, a Polish MEP, who posed a parliamentary question to the Commission. Commissioner Mr. Bretton responded to this discrepancy: “…mobile phones which do not comply with the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) shall not be placed on the EU market…” and added “Notifying measures taken against dangerous products in European Rapid Alert system for dangerous products (RAPEX/Safety Gate system) is the responsibility of the market surveillance enforcement authorities which is, again, a competence of the Member States.

    At present, it seems that none of the regulators has registered relevant information, as the initial obligation lies with the French ANFR as the discoverer of the defect.

    If the competent authorities in the state of discovery are unable to respond to a situation of non-compliance with the legislation for wireless products, we welcome, therefore, to allow non-compliant products to be reported to Safety Gate via the consumer.

    Best regards
    Europeans for Safe Connections
    This feedback was sent from a wired internet connection
    – No use of harmful radiation
    – Less electricity consumption
    – Increased data security

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