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ESC is an alliance of European organisations that strives to reduce the
impact of modern communications and electricity use on health and the environment. We are not against technology, but we are pro safe technology and safe connections.

    Disconnessi Day

    Digital strike against the rise of electrosmog: Italy disconnects on 30 April on Disconnected Day

    Technological disobedience challenges the Meloni government’s manoeuvre and the arrogance of the 5G lobby. Pursuant to Article 10 of Law No. 214 of 30/12/23, on Tuesday 30 April 2024, the rule will come into force that – for the first time in Italian history – legitimises the raising of electromagnetic pollution threshold limits, allowing the approximately one hundred thousand radio base stations and mobile telephony antennas already operating in Italy to increase the power density of radiation in the public air of possible carcinogens by up to 100 times more than what has been allowed until now. This is a veritable compulsory health treatment for the entire Italian population, given how the technological infrastructure can then be implemented to the extent of 50% more antennas for each individual municipality. In essence, we will soon be invaded by many more and more powerful antennas; we are on the verge of an electromagnetic tsunami of unimaginable proportions, and government negotiations have also begun to flood the skies with 5G irradiated from space. We are therefore at a crossroads, at the point of no return, absent the right to disconnection and digital self-determination in the freedom of technological choice.

    Here the full translation of the webpage

    This initiative is supported by appoximatelly 30 organizations from Italy:

    • Anasinta
    • Associazione Dicentra
    • Associazione Italiana Elettrosensibili
    • Associazione Kairos
    • Becciolini Network
    • Border Nights
    • Carpi Consapevole
    • Cittadinanza Attiva per la Tutela dell’Elettrosmog di San Casciano Val di Pesa (Firenze)
    • Coordinamento Paradiso Bologna
    • Comitato Oltre la MCS
    • Comitato Teodora Ravenna
    • Comitato Toscano MCS
    • Gruppo Esseri Umani Abruzzo
    • Gruppo Pistoia Valdinievole Nuova
    • I guardiani del cielo
    • Io non pago Italia
    • Movimento Libertà Livorno
    • Movimento di Resistenza Umana
    • Movimento SìAmo
    • Noi con IppocrateOrg
    • No Paura Day
    • No ZTL Italia
    • Oasi Sana
    • Pace Ultima Chiamata
    • Ribelli dentro
    • Uniamoci Trentino
    • 3V
    • 9MQ
    • #Stop5G Emilia

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